We will eat your Oysters said the Chinese

We will eat your Oysters said the Chinese

Oyster Trivia:

They invited the Chinese to eat the oysters (done in Jest). However, the Chinese took the request seriously and many Chinese started visiting the country trying to help with their Oyster problem.

Chinese companies rushed to get the Oysters imported to China. Alibaba through their online portal, Tmall were working with the Danish authorities to expedite the process of importing the Oysters. A Sichuan woman who had moved to Denmark in 2010, decided to help and gathered around 150 kg of Oysters in a matter of four hours. Of course, her friends and family came into to assist her.

We at Goldmarine find the above story fascinating. It just shows how small our world has become. Help is at hand at a short notice and divisions along national lines is never a problem.

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